YouTube is quite possibly the best place to learn about anything – and Pachinko is no exception. It was the first place I ever saw this crazy Japanese slot game in action, it was where I learnt how the game actually worked, and it was how I came to realise just how different and varied the many different Pachinko games can be.

But a YouTube search for Pachinko throws up over 100,000 different videos – and there’s no way you’re going to watch them all. So here’s my guide to the types of videos that are out there – and some links to the very best of them to save you some time.



If there’s one thing the Japanese love more than playing Pachinko – it’s the launch of a new Pachinko game. The launches can be pretty over the top – although my favourite launch clip is actually much more understated. I just love how excited these two get about absolutely nothing. Full review here.


With the newest Pachinko games having such amazing graphics – sometimes you want the chance to see those up close, without the distraction of having to take in the whole machine. Trailers are a great way to do just that – and this one for the JAWS Pachinko is a great example. You can read my full review (including a few ideas for which other films would make great Pachinkos) here.

This trailer for Fatal Fury is another great example of a Pachinko where the graphics from the game are the main selling point. If you didn’t realise it was a Pachinko, this could easily be the trailer for a classic fighting game. The only slight issue with this trailer – I found myself asking questions like “is it definitely not ok to find a character in a game attractive?”


There’s nothing better than watching people win – especially at Pachinko. Here’s a great clip of two Aussie guys winning a jackpot so big the machine is spitting out tokens for a full 20 minutes. You can read my full review of this video here.

I love this next playalong video for two reasons: one, the Pachinko machine looks super old, and really lo-fi. And two – the guy’s trying to sell it, but keeps accidentally criticising the game and telling us it makes no sense. Luckily for him, this unit sold on the same day he posted the video – so someone somewhere is now the proud owner of it. Maybe it’s hidden at the back of a casino somewhere. If you spot it – let me know.

Pachinko isn’t just for humans – as this video proves. This cat is probably a better player than I am! Let’s just hope his owner lets him keep his winnings. Or in the very least, buys him a kitty toy before spending the rest on beer.

This clip also contributes to the age-old debate: Cats Vs Dogs – because I can’t find a single clip of a dog playing Pachinko. All that comes up when searching for that is a dog playing the drums. Does your dog play Pachinko? If so – do send me a clip – or we’re going to have to let the cats win this one…


If you want to learn how to play, there’s no better way than to watch someone else talk you through it. There are so many videos that do just that – but my favourite is this one. This sharp-suited man’s so good at Pachinko, and he’s got a “sexy girlfriend” to prove it. (his words, not mine).


Not all of the Pachinko videos on YouTube are positive. This guy spends 10 whole minutes ranting about the Silent Hill Pachinko’s existence – convinced that it’s the reason why Silent Hill itself was cancelled. If this guy wants to gamble, he should stick to an online casino – that’s too much anger to be leaving the house with.

He’s also pretty annoyed about the Erotic Castlevania Pachinko…

But then again – as we can see from this Pachinko version of that incredibly over-used YouTube meme – so is Hitler.