If there’s one thing the Japanese love more than playing Pachinko – it’s launching a new Pachinko game. And the two excitable TV presenters in this video are absolutely no exception.

Like a Japanese Andi Peters, working alongside a Japanese Davina McCall – these two can make anything seem amazing – which is lucky, as they’ve been asked to get us all worked up about the release of the new Transformers Pachinko – and they’re not taking no for an answer.

They’ve come up with a pretty original treatment for this segment of the show. First, he’s going to play the game. Then – wait for it – she will. Revolutionary.

To give the game it’s dues, it does seem like a pretty impressive machine – it has more bells and whistles than many other Pachinko games – and the animations are impressive – If you couldn’t hear the constant din of those balls flying around, you might well lose yourself in the moment and think you were watching a Manga cartoon.

In a bid to show us how much he loves the machine, our male presenter begins by caressing each and every piece of the hardware. There’s a handle that says ‘ULTRA’ – which he keeps tugging on. And there’s a button labeled ‘CHANCE’ that he strokes with love. And when that button turns green – he absolutely loses his sh*t.


What strikes me at this point is that these words are in English, despite the rest of the game being in Japanese. Perhaps there are some words that have more gravitas in our language than they do in theirs. I do wonder whether they’re just as clueless as to the meaning of these words as I am to what they’re saying for the entirety of this video. But when it comes to the world of this crazy Japanese slot game, there are some things that are probably always going to remain a mystery.

Our man also gets pretty excited about the word ‘OK’ – which appears in three places on the screen (there’s an OK!! light at the top, an OK!! Button at the bottom, and if you’re really lucky, the on-screen graphics occasionally say OK!! too). How ironic that a man is so pleased to see a word that essentially means ‘fine’.


Being a Transformers game, the machine itself has elements that shift and transform while you’re playing the game. A physical mask drops down at various points – hovering over the screen, to be worn by the animated characters upon it. And what starts out as a frame around the screen splits in two, moves inwards, and spins around like a shiny neon Catherine Wheel.

This seems to signify a win – so he applauds himself, and decides it’s time to call it a day and let his lady co-host have a go.

We didn’t hear a peep from her while he was playing – but now it’s her turn, he’s literally all we can hear. At one point his commentary sounds so frenetic, I wonder if I’m watching a horse race rather than a girl playing Pachinko. They should use his voice in an online casino – and ask people to bet more just to keep him quiet.

With her turn over, our pair have a cunning plan to fill the remaining two minutes of their show. They’re going to play on a different – but identical – machine. And this time they’re standing up…!


That tactic does seem to be paying off though – this time around the ‘ULTRA’ handle is almost constantly alight, and ready for his overenthusiastic tugging. You can imagine how excited he gets because of this.

They wrap things up with a highlights package – showing the very best moments from the last 6 minutes of TV gold. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of that they showed the highlights of the highlights package – just to fill a little more time at the end. Instead – they just clap.

As ridiculous as these two are, I’m not going to deny it – the game looks awesome – and I’d love to get the chance to play it. Maybe one day they’ll get them in the casinos here in the UK. But until then – I’ll just have to live vicariously, through them.