Sega Sammy

Of our three case studies, Sega Sammy was the only unable to provide up to date financials for the most recent year – but the figures from their 2014 annual report make just as interesting reading.

In that year, just like Sankyo this year, they were forced to postpone the launch of a number of titles, launching only 10 across the business (4 less than the previous year). Unlike Sankyo, however, they still managed to grow their business by almost 50%, to 301,000 units (up 99,000 units on the year before). They cite titles such as Pachinko CR Hokuto No Ken 5 Hyakuretsu, and Pachinko CR Monster Hunter, as their standout successes.

Sega Sammy put their own success down to their ability to produce a staggering 9,800 Pachinko machines, and 7,900 Pachislot machines every single day. This, they claim, means they can meet the initial demand upon the launch of a new product without losing potential business as customers purchase other (less popular) models from their rivals.

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