Heiwa Corporation

Unlike Sankyo, Heiwa has seen significant growth in its business – with net sales up 9.4% year on year, and net income up a massive 28.9% compared with the previous year.
Like Sankyo, their Pachislot sales were down – by 28,000 units (but still standing at a respectable total of 92,000 units). They released 6 Pachislot titles this year – including Sengoku Otome; Kengeki ni Mau Shiroki Kensei; Saigoku Sansen version; Cowboy Beebop and Koumonchama Katsu.

Heiwa also felt the effects of increased research and development costs this year – however unlike Sankyo, who found the cost of manufacture going up, Heiwa managed to find savings that reduced the costs of producing each unit – which meant more profit per unit than the previous year.

Heiwa’s Pachinko sales were also well up this year – a total of 252,000 units (54,000 more than last year). Titles included Super Street Fighter IV CR Edition; Lupin The Third:  Shuyaku wa Zenigata, and Moerutoukon Antonio Inoki: Kakutougi Sekaiichi Ketteisen.

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