Sankyo were the company behind Pachinkos like Evangelion 9 (114,300 units sold this year), Fever Mobile Suit Gundam Operation V (35,600 units sold) and Fever The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (26,000 units sold). This company are always one step ahead when it comes to casino technology, which is what sets them apart from the crowd.

Sankyo’s team sold 37,000 more units this year than last year (a total of 329,000). However – having restricted their Pachislot offering to just two models (Pachislot Macross Frontier II, and Pachislot Sokyu no Fafner has left their Pachslot sales at just 48,000 units – a massive 68,000 less than last year. The company claims that this limited offering was due to delays forced upon them by circumstances beyond their control – and so predict an uplift next year.

Nontheless, this still leaves the company’s net sales down 7.5% year on year – and with a total sale value of over 145bn Yen, that amounts to a pretty large chunk of change.

Sankyo also cites rising development costs, and an increase in the price of parts and materials needed to build the increasingly sophisticated screens and complex moving gimmicks as the key drivers behind their reduced profits this year.

The company insists that these costs are necessary in order to move the brand, and it’s offerings, forward – and says that focusing on unique products that don’t necessarily fit within the traditional Pachinko / Pachislot modes will be crucial in attracting new users – both light users, and those more committed players. They cite models like ‘Fever Queen’ – a drum-type machine with no LCD screen; and ‘Fever Powerful’ – a reproduction of a classic Pachislot model from when these screens were first around – as examples of the products they feel will do just that.

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