Pachinko vs Slots

Gambling is one of the biggest industries in the world. It is in the human blood – to gamble. There is an old saying that if you want to win you have to take a risks, no doubt it applies to life. Slot machines has become a symbol of casino games and now dominate land based and online casinos alike. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t know the iconic 777 symbols. A lot of people spend their time playing slots and it is no wonder why. It is easy, interactive and a lot of action is involved. Casinos and gambling joints use up a lot of square meters in their place with slot machines. It attracts customers and brings in profit, a lot of gamblers love it.

But there is one industry which is even bigger then whole Las Vegas gambling scene. The Pachinko gambling industry.
It is more popular in the Eastern regions, particularly in Japan. Pachinko turnover in Japan is impressively quite a few times bigger than the whole of Las Vegas gambling combined together. It is declared that Pachinko industry makes up to $250 billion turnover each year. On the other hand, the Las Vegas gambling industry squeezes out only modest $12 billion in the same timeframe. How does that sound? Why it is so popular and what’s the difference compared to slot machines.

What is Pachinko?
Pachinko is a mix of pinball and slots. As gambling is illegal in Japan, you can buy a bunch of metal balls which you pour in the Pachinko machine. You can regulate intensity by witch metal balls are released to the machine. While they hit certain targets like in pinball game, some special activities might be activated. Usually it is getting more balls or directing you to another mini game where you can win more balls. If a metal ball doesn’t hit those targets, you lose them.
So the goal is to win as many metal balls as possible, just like you try to win as much coins in slot machine as possible. There is a high level of randomness, but you can influence ball release speed with handles.

Here is a link of flash game of Pachinko, that might give you certain insight:

Difference in gameplay
So how does Pachinko differs from slots exactly?
Both games are created for gambling purposes and both games have high level of randomness.
However slot machines are a less interactive game, although there are certain variations where you can influence a game by manipulating reels. In Pachinko game you can control speed and amount of metal balls. You have influence on some mini games as well.
There is a lot more action in a Pachinko game, as you are always wondering where metal balls will hit. Sometimes you can hit a sequence of mini games and it gives you even more excitement. For example, you can collect few bigger balls trough your game, those balls unlocks you another game – sort of wheel of fortune mini game, where it can triple or quadruple your prize. It is just one of many examples of what can you expect.
So due to more diverse game play, Pachinko will give you wider range of emotions. Sometimes it is even exciting to watch someone else playing.
Slots give you more direct approach to the game you hit your button and insert coins, till you hit a jackpot or lose enough to quit.

It does not matter if you are pro on the slots, or just casual player who likes to relax and meditate from time to time playing – try something new. Pachinko might be an option. When you get more familiar with it, you see why it is so popular in Japan. It is a bit more complex and interactive and maybe it will never fully change traditional slots, but it definitely deserves a place in gamblers heart.