Pachinko Landbased

When the World Wide Web became available to the masses in the mid 90s, it opened up opportunities for a raft of new types of business – and it didn’t take long for the tech companies to realise that if people could gamble from the comfort of their own homes – at any time day or night – they could make good money from them. The online casino was born.

This was a massive threat to the business of the landbased casino – but despite their attempts to re-create all the fun of the casino online, they couldn’t come close to recreating that real-world casino atmosphere. Which is lucky – otherwise the landbased casino would’ve been at serious risk of extinction.

If that was the case with a regular casino, the effect is tenfold when it comes to Landbased Pachinko. This Japanese slot game gets its name from the sound made by the many balls pinging around inside the machine – and the Pachinko parlours are well known for their intensely noisy, but incredibly fun, atmosphere. It gets people hooked – and it just wouldn’t be possible to get that same buzz from playing on your own at home. Especially not online.

Nothing beats the thrill of manually loading the Pachinko machine with those shiny metal balls, sending them flying around the playing area, and then crossing your fingers when you’re lucky enough to land one in the hole that launches the slot screen. And imagine hitting the jackpot online. Sure – you’d be grateful of the winnings – but it would be way less satisfying than watching the thousands of balls that you’re now being rewarded with leave the machine and make their way into your hands.

If you’re in Japan, you’re lucky – to find your nearest Pachinko parlour, you just need to walk down the street with your eyes still open. If you’re not in Japan, landbased pachinko can be a little harder to find – but it’s still possible, so long as you know where to look.

We’ve compiled a ‘where to play guide’, which you can find here – please do take a look – and tell us in the comments where else you’ve been playing landbased Pachinko.


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